The Busy Peacock

The Busy Peacock


Kids love to be busy.  Fact.  What better place to for them to explore and experiment their surroundings than The Busy Peacock.

Bring the kids along for a fun BUSY session filled with paint, water play, sensory fun, messy hands-on activities and leave with happy fulfilled children who have spent their time exploring and experimenting with different textures and processes.  We're all about the PROCESS of play and not the end result.  We believe that kids should have the opportunity to get creative without too much guidance.  With that often comes a big mess.  Well... let kids be kids, and leave the tidying up to us!

Anything else I need to know? - Probably... Here it is!

So just make sure the kids are wearing oldish clothes that you're not too bothered about getting messy/ruined. We do provide smocks, but kids tend to get messier than what the aprons cover! We do have a lot of water play most weeks, so sometimes it's wise to keep a spare set of clothes in the car just in case! Footwear - it's up to you... sometimes runners / sometimes gum boots... sometimes we have serious messy kids with the full wet weather overalls on so they're covered from top to bottom!!

We're located in Tyabb, use "Peacock Road" in google maps and we're on the corner of Peacock Road and Mornington-Tyabb Road in the same complex as The Hungry Peacock Cafe - which is probably THE most family friendliest cafe you'll ever go into!

Just come along 5 minutes before (or earlier if you want to grab a coffee from next door) and you can pay on arrival either cash or card. It's $10 per child, and pre walkers are free (but please let us know at the time of booking). The session lasts for 45 minutes.

Although there is a member of staff in the building, it is not guided instructions of how to play with the play spaces. The staff member will give you an idea of what each play space is for, but then just leave you and the kids to enjoy the sensory mess! As long as the supervising parent tries to stop the kids eg pouring mud in the goop, or glue in the foam, then that's pretty much the only rules we have!

How do I book a session?  Just ring or send a text to 0416623827 or send a message to our facebook page TheHungryPeacockThe Busy Peacock.

Do we host parties? YES we do!!!

Do we cater parties? YES we do!!!

Can I have your party details? - Sure - just send an email to or a message to the above facebook page!